Grief and Loss Support Services - Auckland

Providing a range of grief education programmes that build resilience and wellbeing. 


Seasons for Growth is based on the belief that change and loss are a part of life, and grief is a normal response to these losses. Children, young people and adults learn about how death, separation, divorce or other significant events may impact on their lives.

Seasons for Growth programmes use the imagery of the four seasons to illustrate that grief is cyclical. Trained Companions facilitate small groups where participants share their experiences, and support and learn from one another. Peer support is a key element of the programme, and confidentiality is strongly emphasised.

Age-appropriate groups are available for children and teenagers aged between 6 and 18 years of age.  In some areas, groups are available for the parents and caregivers of children attending the programme. There may also be groups for other adults in the community.

Seasons for Growth respects all cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Programmes currently available are:

Seasons for Growth Children and Young People's Programme

Exploring the Seasons of Grief - Adult Programme 

Please refer below on this page for more information.

Focus tables depicting the four seasons. 


The nine sessions of the Seasons for Growth™ programme cover -


1.        Autumn – Life is like the seasons

2.        Autumn – Change is a part of life

3.        Winter – Valuing my Story

4.        Winter – Naming my feelings

5.        Spring – Caring for my feelings

6.        Spring – Remembering the good times

7.        Summer – Making good choices

8.        Summer – Moving forward

9.        Celebration – an opportunity to meet together and share what they have learnt with                             significant others they invite to the gathering.


Grief and Loss Support Services - Auckland currently operates Seasons for Growth programmes in the following Auckland locations -

 - Franklin
 - Howick/East Auckland
 - Onehunga
 - Central West
 - North Shore & Hibiscus Coast
 - Warkworth/Wellsford

For details of all our programmes in Auckland contact the Auckland Fieldworker - Claudette at

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