Grief and Loss Support Services - Auckland

Providing a range of grief education programmes that build resilience and wellbeing. 


We hear some very sad stories

We see some very angry children

We see families struggling with the effects of separation, death, estrangement and dislocation through migration.


But the feedback we receive from teachers, parents and the adults who participate is that, at the end of the programme, the tide has turned.  Feelings are acknowledged and understood; skills have been explored in dealing with anger and depression; hope has been ignited and confidence in self is restored.  Life is no longer so bleak, but manageable and hopeful.


Here are some comments from people we have been able to help:

An 8 year-old boy...

"It’s ok to talk about my Dad to Mum even though we cry.  I feel better inside and we go to the cemetery now."

A caregiver...

"He has become more expressive in his feelings and articulates his thoughts better."

A 16 year-old boy...

"I felt depressed before I went to Seasons, but now I feel much better about everything."

A mother...

"I cannot speak highly enough of what has been a transformation in my most precious thing in life – my child."

An 11 year-old boy...

"It really helps with things you can’t handle alone."