Grief and Loss Support Services - Auckland

Providing a range of grief education programmes that build resilience and wellbeing. 


Companions are volunteer facilitators who work with small groups of children attending the Seasons for Growth programme. Often it is having experienced loss themselves that encourages people to become involved, knowing the value of the support a programme like Seasons can provide.

Prospective Companions attend an interview with the local coordinator. References will be asked for and a check of  Police records is completed too. Suitable people are invited to attend a weekend of training in Auckland with the Seasons for Growth Trainer.

This is not a counselling or teaching role, but one of walking alongside a small group of children of similar age, as they explore their experiences of loss together.

New Companions work in pairs with experienced Companions for a term or two, or until ready to take a group on their own. Some companions always work in pairs and the team is always fully supported by the local coordinator.

Interested?  If you are a good listener, at ease with children, like group work and are ready to learn new ways of supporting others, please contact the coordinator of a Seasons for Growth group near to where you live. We'd love to hear from you.  All relevant contact details can be found by clicking here to go to the" Contact us" page.



Please refer to the News section of the website for information about upcoming training sessions for Companions.  Please click here to go to the News section.